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Umrah is the short type of Hajj that is why it is well known as minor pilgrimage or lesser pilgrimage. It is not only a religious act of worship but a complete set of exercise intended to enhance the spirits of dedication and love of ALLAH Almighty. Throughout the whole year, we usually spend our lives in hunt for happiness and to get worldly pleasure, and we forget about the actual eternal pleasure and peace inside. Umrah helps in bringing the pilgrims closer to ALLAH Almighty and refreshes and cleanse their souls and hearts as they are born today. Every Muslim achieves the great experience of internal peace and satisfaction from this sacred journey. A slight concentration and firm faith can provide sufficient support to pilgrim from getting away with any kind of distractions, which can void you Umrah. In this article, we will share some straight and decent suggestions that will help you to getting more pleasure in the experience of Umrah and you will obtain the most out of your minor pilgrimage.

  • Find out the Divine Presence:
  • Umrah is an act of worship which is performed with the aim to get closer to ALLAH Almighty. When you are there forget about everything, try to be humble with others and forgive other people if they did anything to you, and pray for the whole Muslims Ummah. Once the sense of selfishness goes far away and the spirit of cleanliness and purity start prevailing in you, you will feel blessed and get actual peace of mind.
  • Follow The Unity:
  • Keep this in your mind that it is the human ego which separates Muslims and it maintains a separate and self-governing existence of person. Being a Muslim it is our duty, to love all humanity, regardless of the caste, position, exterior differences of culture and creed, these thing just create gaps in humans. This kind of behaviour requires a strong rectification and a sense of humbleness and humility. When you go for the sacred journey to Makkah, keep this in mind that like you all other passengers and pilgrims are the guests of ALLAH Almighty and you should have to respect all because and they all have a similar status. Behaviours like pride and ego may distract you for the actual purpose of being there and deprive you from the fruitful reward of Umrah; therefore, it is necessary to show brotherhood and follow unity.
    • Focus on main aim:
    • When you are on the sacred journey of lifetime, this thing should be keep in mind that your accurate focus is to perform all the rites and rituals of minor pilgrimage and performing other acts of worship. This will help you in forgetting and avoiding all the worldly desires and matters.
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